This June, Choose Leisure turns 16, so we’re giving a nod to our trusty road-trip sidekicks; the travel sweet! As we all know, the journey is a huge part of motorhoming and our favourite travel sweets often hold a nostalgic place in our fondest holiday memories; Murray Mints, Simpkins Fruit Drops, Werther's... We've all got a favourite. We asked around here at Choose Leisure and almost everyone had a memory or anecdote about travel sweets, so be sure to follow us on Facebook to see these stories.

We’ve got plenty of treats for you here in the Showroom, the best of course being our huge selection of nearly 100 motorhomes and campervans.

We’re ready to celebrate, so if something takes your fancy, why not challenge us to sweeten the deal? No nonsense; just try us. Because the sweetest things come to those who ask!

Visit us from 1st - 16th June to celebrate.