Think 'luxury motorhome' and the likes of German brand Carthago or British-built Auto-Sleepers could spring to mind. You might not consider Laika though, and that would be a mistake. 

European travellers would be surprised how little we know of the brand here in the UK, as it's incredibly popular on the continent. Founded in Tuscany in 1964, all Laika motorhomes are built with traditional craftsmanship in San Casciano in Val di Pesa. According to the brand, 'Every Laika is a piece of Italy'.

Despite seeing many hundreds of motorhomes in the last 15 years or so, we were still surprised by some of the fantastic features the Laika has to offer and the level of attention to detail throughout. There's no compromise on style though - the beautiful finish can be seen throughout, from the furniture trim to the tail lights.

Laika knows how people like to holiday as well, with practical details taken care of. You can find exciting, bigger features like: 

  • Full sized fridge 
  • Plenty of headroom 
  • A well-equipped kitchen with oven, double sink and extractor fan
  • A bathroom that "converts" from a shower to a toilet in a simple move
  • A purpose-built drinks compartment or "wine cellar"

Along with smaller (arguably still exciting!) features such as:

  • Hidden dustpan and brush in the bin lid
  • Wet clothes rail in the shower
  • A variety of clever storage options

To see the wealth of innovative ideas Laika designers and builders have created, come and see the range in the Choose Leisure showroom now.

Can't wait to see them in person? Take a look at our YouTube channel where you can find a review of the Laika Ecovip L3010.