Over the last few years we've expanded our portfolio of new motorhomes significantly. Since branching into the new market when we took on Auto-Sleepers in 2013, we've added Hillside campervans and Swift campervans and motorhomes to our British-built range. These vans are versatile, and flexible to our unpredictable British weather! Auto-Sleepers, in particular, are a home from home in terms of comfort and daily living. We then added the Fusion range of coachbuilt motorhomes, which is a sister brand of Auto-Sleepers with the Italian influence of McLouis.

The continental influence has been steadily growing in the UK and we're more than happy to meet the demands! Italian manufacturers have a stylish flair and layouts for those who delight in spending more time outside in the sun. Laika build luxury van conversions, coachbuilt motorhomes and A Class motorhomes in the heart of Tuscany and Choose Leisure is one of only a few UK Laika suppliers.

Etrusco is another Italian brand which is excellent value for money, with innovative options such as a pop-top van conversions. We supply both the coachbuilt and van conversion Etrusco motorhomes.

German vehicles are renowned for being well-built and high quality. Luxury brand Carthago has enviable quality and Choose Leisure is one of only a few UK Carthago suppliers. We sell both the coachbuilt and A Class options.

If you're looking for a van conversion with that same level of quality, the Malibu van conversion range is ideal. Sister brand of Carthago, you can expect the same level of luxury but in a more compact space. The round Malibu windows are a quirky and recognisable feature.

With so many models to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start! We've created a fun quiz to help get you inspired and to start thinking about which brand might be right for you. Try it now to get a feel for which motorhome style could be most suitable for your needs. You can submit your details at the end for more information.