Where has the year gone? The dark nights and the ever-changeable weather proves that the winter months are upon us!

With the advances of modern technology, long gone are the days where motorhoming was reserved for the warmer months. Motorhomes of today have good heating systems and are well-insulated, so they can be used all year around.  It is also far better to use your motorhome regularly (rather than ‘put away for the winter’) as this can increase the longevity of the vehicle.

Most modern motorhomes use insulation in floors, walls and roofs, designed to keep heat in during the colder months and providing effective heat management when it’s hotter – making them ready for all seasons.

‘Off season’ winter motorhoming has further advantages in that the sites are less busy than the summer months, you haven’t got to battle the mosquitos and best of all, after a crisp walk, you can snuggle up with a hot water bottle and a nice warm drink!

The winter is a great time to explore and get away, so make the most of your motorhome like some of our regular customers do. The photos in this story are both of long-term Choose Leisure customers making the most of their vehicles all year round.

What are you waiting for?  There’s still time to embark on a cosy end of year adventure!