The success of the NEC is an excellent industry marker. We had a particularly good show, a feeling which seems consistent across the board.

Supply chain disruptions are far less impactful now and the industry is seeing new vehicles more readily available again. At Choose Leisure, the list of new vehicles we have available is growing and we've added Malibu and Etrusco to our portfolio - a natural progression, having already partnered with Carthago and Laika. We're also expecting some exciting new models in our showroom, such as the Carthago c-tourer I 145 RB LE Superior on an Automatic Mercedes chassis, brand new for 2024.

One of the most appealing things about buying a motorhome now, for delivery next year, is that you can spec it yourself if it's still at the factory. While motorhomes are already unique due to the hand-built quality of many components, make your new motorhome truly yours by adding the details you want and crafting your next journey to your individual taste.

Visit us to explore, and personalise, a motorhome that resonates with you and your lifestyle. Every adventure begins with a choice, so let's choose yours together.

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