"As an absolute virgin to 'Van-Life', I really hadn't the first idea of even the questions I needed to ask - let alone the answers! Luckily Elliot was on hand to swoop me up on arrival and guide me through all I needed to know, enabling me to make an informed choice. From browsing the possibilities, to looking out of my Sitting Room window at the gleaming Sportivo Med on my drive, he supported my every decision and made all my additional requests a reality. Most importantly - he listened to my many queries and had all the answers at his finger-tips. Superb! Thank you . . . The luxury of time on my own to mooch and ponder was invaluable and what was particularly lovely, was the number of other team members who approached and offered their assistance, but who then retreated once they had ascertained that my needs were being met. It was clear that everyone was there for me if I needed them, but had the emotional intelligence to leave me to my thoughts until that time. This is rare (sadly!) - VERY well done, everyone. My handover technician, Mark, was superb, too, he's clearly a skilled, knowledgeable enthusiast. Once again he answered all those questions I didn't know to ask, in a sensible, sequential fashion AND all those I did ask with good humour. Thank you . . . In purchasing from Choose Leisure I got SO much more than a motorhome. I now have a few more apps on my phone (suggested by Elliot and Mark), someone on the end of a phone and the information to at least begin my next big adventure. I was even given a bottle of bubbly to crack open in whatever far-flung lay-by I find myself! Nice touch. Forever grateful . . . ".