Today we’re celebrating ‘Molly Marketing’, as she’s affectionately known, as we mark her tenth anniversary at Choose Leisure.
Joining us at the age of 19, when we only had about a dozen staff, Molly has served her time moving up through the ranks as Choose Leisure has evolved. First, being Jen’s general Admin Assistant, then Vehicle Administrator and then onto assisting purely with Marketing (which couldn’t come quick enough for her because it was her passion all along), and now in the position of Marketing Manager, just about to employ a new assistant for herself. What a journey both Molly and we have been on with the growth of Choose Leisure. She has soaked up our way of thinking and communicating and fiercely protects the integrity of our brand and ethos like it was her own. What an asset for any business to have.
On a personal note, the lovely thing about someone starting so young with us is getting to be part of their own, personal journey. Molly came to us straight out of education, when the working day was a long one, had only just started driving (and got lost just leaving the car park) and had to be told she didn’t need to put her hand up to ask if she could go to the loo! Now, ten years’ later, she’s a well-deserved house owning, dog-owning, horse-owning grown woman, who throws herself into any situation with skills and confidence. We are so proud of her and happy to have played a small part in her achievements over the last decade and look forward to seeing what she makes of the next one.
Paul & Jen