Saturday 23 October 2022  -  The Guardian Newspaper The Travel Guide

Join the Motorhome Revolution

Have you noticed an increased number of motorhomes and campervans around? They seem to be everywhere. On the roads, at the shops and parked up at beauty spots enjoying the views.

These days, someone you know almost certainly has one. Once the almost-exclusive domain of ‘retirees’, they are now also owned by couples, singles, young families, friends, grandparents, hobbyists and sportspeople. All sharing drinks, making plans and actively living life. Camping on wheels, it seems, is cool. But why now?

Soaring in popularity in the post-pandemic era, motorhomes and campervans have become a creative way to improve how we spend our time. With more desire for flexibility and independence, motorhomes fit the bill.  Not to mention, they’re a smart way to combat the steep rise in staycation prices; A costly four-day break in Cornwall becomes a two-week meander along the coast, with weekend getaways as often as you like throughout the year. Aside from the joy of opening your doors to a new view each day, and the mental health benefits of spending more time outside, motorhomes are a convenient hub for quality time.

There are styles and layouts for everyone, whether you’re planning extended trips to Europe, or mini-breaks in a compact campervan that doubles as a second car. The versatility of these cleverly designed vehicles provides a ready-made holiday suited to every adventurer, freedom-seeker or those looking to unwind.

Whilst they are a considered purchase, motorhomes have a time-proven strong residual value that makes them an affordable long-term holiday choice, especially when paired with lengthy finance options for up to 10 years.

With the latest technology on board, motorhomes and campervans are now, more than ever, a home-from-home making the impressive Coachbuilt and A-Class models more akin to a personal, luxury holiday apartment. Except, they can be anywhere! With your favourite slippers in the wardrobe, drinks cabinet stocked and beach gear stowed, slip into any trip with an immediacy not always possible with more conventional holidays.

Motorhomes give you far more control of your holidays, allowing space to enjoy that precious time rather than face the anxiety of spending hours in airports, fingers crossed that flights aren’t cancelled and luggage reaches its destination safely. You are free to relish each new opportunity, ditch the queues and revel in every part of your journey from the moment you set off. Choose motorhome ‘freedom’ as your next travel destination and you could be breathing in that feeling for years to come. Tempting, isn’t it?

So next time you pass a motorhome or campervan and wonder where they’re off to, just think, you could be part of this new travel tribe – the adventure is ready when you are.