"Purchased a used motorhome a few weeks ago, right from the off we were extremely well looked after by Elliott, our last concern was would we be able to get the MH comfortably onto our drive as we live in a cul-de-sac, not a problem said Elliott, I will drive you home, perfect. I then got to drive the MH back which absolutely sold it for me as although we have had caravans for years I have never actually driven a MH. The drive was fab and the sale was done. We only had to wait 1 week to collect the pristine MH, I should add that we only had to wait as you need to book a 2 hour handover. The handover was amazing, Dawn was fabulous, so knowledge and so incredibly patient answering our rookie questions, the time went by in a flash but we were left feeling really confident going solo in our MH. We have had a few queries since taking ownership of our MH (something Dawn told us would happen, you were so right), a quick call to Choose and all is sorted. The aftercare has been great and the prosecco went down a treat, thank you Elliott."