"My Wife and I recently purchased a new motorhome from Choose Leisure. Living three hour's drive away, we chose Choose (!) as we wanted a Fusion motorhome and found that they were our nearest dealer, indeed the only English one, who had the required model in stock. An initial telcon with their salesman, James, enabled me to reserve our new van and agree a provisional trade-in deal with our existing van, subject to scrutiny. I visited Chartham the following day and was immediately impressed by the large stock of both new and used vans presented. The premises were also pleasant and immaculate. James showed me around the prospective new van whilst my existing van was inspected by the Purchasing Manager. James was knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with and was able to fully address my numerous questions, without any applying any hard-sell tactics. A deal was finally agreed and I returned a couple of weeks later to collect the new van following its registration and installation of a few extras. Handover for the van was conducted by Mark, a very likeable gentleman, who took a full two hours demonstrating the controls and functions of all the systems, along with imparting many useful hints and tips. It was a most enjoyable session - many thanks Mark. Everyone at Choose Leisure proved to be part of a helpful and friendly team. We thank you all and wish you every furure success and are pleased to recommend your services to others."