When choosing a motorhome, the floorplan layout of your 'van is one of the more important things to consider. There are layouts to suit everyone but knowing where to start is often the main hurdle, so we've put together some benefits of popular layout options to help you decide.

End Lounge - Spacious, versatile, great for families

End lounges offer a large and versatile space at the rear of the motorhome. These are great for family dinners, board games or chatting and relaxing in a more communal way. Equally they give plenty of room for a smaller party to relax in the evening (or on a rainy day!), usually with the option to convert the area into a large double bed or two singles, depending on the model you choose.

Check these out:
Auto-Trail Tribute 625 Lo-line
Bailey Autograph 625
Autotrail Apache 634

French Bed / Fixed Bed - Straightforward, smart use of space

This layout comes with a fixed double bed against one side of the 'van.

It's an ideal option if you'd rather keep your bed made up, ready for night time and they often still have a living area at the front of the motorhome. Everything you need is ready and waiting - ideal for those who don't want the inconvenience of making their bed after a relaxing evening.

Have a look at these:
Auto-Sleepers Broadway FB 
Auto-Sleepers Kingham
Auto-Sleepers Burford - Automatic

Twin Beds - A functional and roomy sleeping option

Twin beds can work for everyone. They're great if you want to holiday with a friend and couples find them to be a roomier and more practical option. Saves climbing over each other in the night for a glass of water!

Some Twin Bed 'vans to try:
Auto-Sleepers Corinium Duo
Bailey Autograph 79-4T
Burstner Nexxo Sovereign T720 - Automatic

Transverse Bed - Great storage with a spacious and cosy sleeping area

A large double bed positioned horizontally across the back wall of a motorhome is called a 'Transverse Bed'. These 'vans are as much about the large garage underneath as they are about the spacious fixed bed. It allows for stowing away equipment for hobbies such as bicycles, kayaks or deck chairs. Some of our customers use their garages as an excellent shady kennel area for their dogs, especially if there's access from inside the motorhome too.

Examples of 'Vans with Transverse Beds:
Weinsberg Carabus 601 MQH
Dethleffs Globebus T1
Swift Select 174

Island Bed - Accessible and luxurious

This describes a double bed at the rear of the motorhome with access from both sides, often with masses of storage space underneath.

An Island Bed layout can feel really luxurious - very much a home from home. They also come with some clever ideas, such as beds that raise up for a comfortable reclined position, providing extra space to walk around the end of the bed.

Check these out to see what we mean:
Swift Kon-tiki 669 Black Edition - Automatic
Pilote G700C Sensation
Auto-Trail Imala 730 GT

Front Dinette - Bright living space and ideal for travelling with children

Front dinettes with forward-facing seats behind the cab tend to have seatbelts that accomodate for passengers - a great choice for travelling with children.

These front living areas are also really bright with the large windscreens providing lots of light. Nothing like waking up to a cuppa with a view!

You'll find these motorhomes sometimes have a drop-down bed above the dinette too, which can be used as an additional sleeping option. Or, you could leave the bed made and stow it away in the daytime. Then, you have the benefits of the fixed bed without using up space at the rear of the motorhome.

Have a look at these Front Dinette 'vans:
Carthago c-compactline I 143 LE - Automatic
Bailey Autograph 79-4
Carado A461

Motorhome manufacturers have all sorts of clever and interesting ideas, so keep an eye out for the vast array of other layout options that could suit your needs - there really is something for everyone. Some motorhomes also have mix and match layouts; for example, a front dinette could have any of these bed options, or more! The possibilities are endless, and we've got plenty of choice, so come and see what takes your fancy.