You never know what you might find on a woodland adventure! We LOVE this story from Rob who turned his woodland walk into the most incredible surprise for his wife, Diane. 

"A quick thank you to all at Choose Leisure, you have helped with a surprise purchase for my wife Diane. She had wanted to go on a road trip for ages, and not having a holiday since before the pandemic as we have gone off the idea of flying and being delayed in the airport, now seemed the right time.

Although a last minute purchase, the team prepared the vehicle ready for our week away. Although our first motorhome, this was actually a surprise for Diane as she had no idea what I was up to. So after collecting, I parked it in woodland near us, then rode home on bicycle (secured in the woodland early that morning ready), collected Diane and took her to the woods for a champagne picnic where the van awaited.

Although I have to admit, having only 24 hours to prepare between us for our first road trip, was a baptism of fire, it was fabulous.  Being able to arrive on micro’ sites, like Zambuka in Sussex, and pitch up with a view from the hills over the sea was great. Later on in Dorset, the weather turned against us, but being near the beach with the van meant we could prepare lunch on the spot without fussing around where to eat, and enjoy the views of the choppy sea and wind, with another champagne lunch on the Jurassic Coast.

So after the first day or so thinking, ‘what have we done’ , after a few days of travelling the benefits were obvious, and our road trip very enjoyable. Looking forward to our next break very soon."