Elliot received a lovely email from a customer last week. He'd rather not be named but was happy for us to share his story with you all.

With the ever-changing global situation over the last couple of years, N.M. concluded that life is too short not to do something you love. So he took a break from work, came to see Elliot one weekend, decided to 'choose freedom' and set off in a coachbuilt Etrsuco motorhome. He's got big plans for travelling the UK - from Herefordshire to the Brecon Beacons but is currently enjoying a new appreciation for the Kent Coast.

He said, "I am having the best time in my new home. Having lived in Kent for a while, I really wished that I would have had the time in my busy past life to take notice of how beautiful the Kent coast is."

We love how many of our customers find a new lease of life after taking the plunge and making their dreams come true. If you have a great story to share, email it to marketing@chooseleisure.co.uk. We'd love to read it!

Photo taken by N.M. on the hills surrounding Folkestone harbour.