UK carbon emissions have fallen 29% over the past decade, no doubt helped by the efforts of UK residents playing their part in the bid to halt and reverse climate change.

As we all know, there's much more work to be done and, as everyone tries to be more eco-conscious, some of you have been wondering if motorhoming is an eco-friendly option for holidays?

We wanted an answer for our customers, so we've done the research to help us understand more about emissions and which holidays are most eco-friendly.

In 2019, climate campaigner Greta Thunberg set sail from Plymouth to New York in a zero-emissions yacht; definitely the way to do it if you're serious about reducing your carbon footprint. But that's not exactly what we'd call a holiday, so we've looked at some more realistic statistics.

According to the BBC, a domestic flight produces around 22x the carbon emissions of a trip on the Eurostar. However, that's not a comparable holiday as a trip on the Eurostar usually includes driving at each end of this journey.

Instead, we've compared two popular holiday options you're more likely to be weighing up:
  • A flight from London to Barcelona and back
  • A holiday in a diesel motorhome to Cornwall and back to Kent/London area
The flight to Barcelona produces just under 0.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide per passenger. In contrast, the motorhome trip to Cornwall equates to around 0.27 metric tons per person, making it the far more eco option of the two, even if you consider the variation between motorhome models.

What's more, motorhomes are becoming greener by the year with the Euro 6 engine standards introduced two years ago and the more recent Euro 6D engine, which is expected to result in much cleaner new vehicles being manufactured.

Electric motorhomes are on the rise too, especially amongst smaller models like the VW motorhome Ed Sheeran is touring in this year.

If you want to enjoy a more eco-friendly holiday, a motorhome is a great option to consider. Furthermore, you could reduce your carbon footprint even more by adding a solar panel, ideal for those who enjoy wild camping - an experience for those who really want to go off-grid!