"One very happy customer: My initial reason for going to Choose Leisure was in search of work. Whilst there I took a look at some of the motorhomes. A lovely guy called Elliot came and asked me if he could help at all. To cut a long story short I purchased a beautiful like new Auto Sleeper motor home the same day. The collection day was set for about a fortnight. During that fortnight my motor home was serviced even though it has only 5600 miles on the clock. The rest of the vehicle was also checked and serviced. The windscreen replaced even though it only had a tiny stone chip. There had been a small scratch on the front bumper . This was fully repaired too. I have nothing but praise and gratitude to the lovely guys and girls who make up the team at Choose Leisure. My dealings with most of them were minor, but each and every one of them were professional, friendly and a real pleasure to deal with. The two people who I dealt with the most were Elliot, the guy who sold me the motor home and Dawn who did my 2 hour handover .U Elliot was extremely helpful from minute one to completion and me driving off in my new motor home. Thank you Elliot. You made parting with my hard earned cash a very easy and enjoyable experience. As for Dawn , I was blown away by her encyclopedic knowledge of my motor home. Not only was Dawn extremely knowledgeable, she was also very personable and a clear and concise communicator. I know so much more about motor homes now because of Elliot and Dawn. Another compliment goes to the team of people who worked to get my motor home in such tip top condition. Thanks Guys. Final compliment is for a machine, not a person. The coffee machine makes a beautiful cup of mocha and a smashing americano. I would highly recommend this business to anybody who is considering owning one of these amazing vehicles. They made me so welcome and nothing was too much trouble. 10 out of 10"