"One thing you should always remember when buying a new motorhome/camper is that it's not until you get it on the road and start using the myriad of facilities on board that you notice one or two niggling little problems, so what do you do? Most you can sort out yourself, others it may require a call and you'll find Choose Leisure extraordinarily positive and helpful and in my experience, this being our sixth motorhome, if i had taken the trouble to read and digest the handbook which is superb in it's detail, you can sort out most things yourself. Then of course a problem pops up just before your about to go away and you panic, not thinking straight which you can't resolve, so i called the company, explained my predicament,was put through to Charlie, who asked me if i could bring it in, did so and lo and behold within half an hour I'm on the road again, sorted. Currently on the road again exploring The Cotswolds. It's raining of course. Thank you once again Charlie and the team at Choose Leisure for superb service. A word of advice. READ the handbook thoroughly. You'll save yourself a lot of time!"