We probably don't need to tell you how good motorhome holidays are for achieving that incredible sense of freedom. After the last couple of years where we've all experienced lockdowns, we've all come to appreciate the outdoors that bit more, it's no surprise that your own self-contained adventure holiday is the ideal way to relax, explore and find freedom.

Practical Motorhome shared the findings from a recent survey by 'Goboony' that studied over 2000 holiday-makers in the UK. Outdoor holidays were rated as best for enjoying a sense of freedom and 41% of those votes were specifically for motorhoming. 

Jake Stone, UK country manager for Goboony, said: “The pandemic has naturally cemented nature’s role as an antidote for modern living. This includes when on holiday too.”

“The motorhome holiday is an ideal, safe alternative option for staycationers, and is carving itself a permanent position within the travel and tourism industry landscape. Naturally socially-distanced by design, they are an inventive way for Brits to travel safely.”

“Demand for motorhome holidays is not going away anytime soon, so it’s imperative the travel and tourism industry starts to take this mode of holidays more seriously by providing more facilities and sites suited to van life.”

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