"Remember the 'Ronseal ad', It does what it says on the tin? That's Choose Leisure for you. W'eve just bought our 6th. motorhome in our dotage and by far this was the best experience. After receiving a ridiculous offer, from a prominent dealer, for our 3 year old trade in motorhome, from the original seller, that has a 'Q' in the middle of its name, Choose Leisure caught our eye. A family run business, not part of some huge international conglomerate. I had done my homework as far as trade in prices were concerned, given the fact that business is brisk at present and prices are high for used motorhomes and we both agreed a deal that was fair and just to both parties. consequently we always felt that we were being treated with respect and no pressure. our main points of contact was of course one of the sales persons' , Charlotte, for whom no question was too stupid. We were both impressed by her useful exuberance and commitment to her chosen profession and very importantly, not afraid to seek advice from more senior personnel where necessary, instead of pretending to know it all. She will go far,no doubt. thank you Charlotte, a class act. then there was Mark in charge of the handover, which was long and thorough as it has to be for these motorhomes are complex pieces of kit. Much to my surprise, most, not all of course, did sink in to my old brain and on going over the camper this morning, just about everything is so well designed on our Peugeot Autosleeper Symbol+ and that there are clear simple symbols and notes on all those very important taps and knobs etc. that jogs the old memory banks. the controls in a word are quite intuitive, which is reassuring. So a big thankyou to all the staff that we came into contact with who were genuinely friendly,helpful and courteous and i would have no hesitation in recommending Choose Leisure to anyone who is thinking of buying a new or used motorhome. Thank you guys."