During the last lockdown, the country's appetite for motorhoming grew to reach many who were completely new to the lifestyle. With additional customers to the market (who were not upgrading but buying their first-ever motorhome), demand surged and stock shortages quickly became commonplace across the UK.

At the time, all you heard was how there was never a better time to broker or part-exchange your motorhome. This time around, with our busy season looming, that's more true than ever; There has never been a better time to part-exchange your motorhome.
  • Second-hand motorhome value has never been so strong
With dealers keen to build their stock for the inevitable rush and with used stock thin on the ground, second-hand motorhomes are holding their value more than ever before
  • Try a new type of motorhoming
There is not only one type of motorhomer - from day trips and everyday escapes in a trendy Hillside Birchover, to epic coast to coast excursions in an Auto-Sleepers Burford Duo, this way of life has more than one way. Why not try something new?
  • Upgrade with longer stays in mind
Not only did our industry soar last time restrictions were lifted, but holiday accommodation in the UK also saw a huge rise in prices as people were quick to book staycations as soon as they had the chance. Motorhomers have a distinct advantage here - by owning a motorhome that couples as your accommodation, you needn't pay the rocketing price of UK holiday homes. What's more, you don't need to be part of the frantic rush to book the best hotels and self-catering in time - as yours is waiting for you on the driveway.