"From the time I entered you establishment I was treated with respect and kindness. Dominic, who greeted me, showed me stock within the budget I had available, pointing out what was suitable and not suitable for a person in my age bracket in a kindly and supportive way. Dominic assured me that should I have any worries he would be available to answer my queries, and was indeed as good as his word, when I arrived one day anxiously saying I realised that I had not driven the vehicle and wanted to be sure that it was within my capabilities, and in a short time he had organised an escorted run up to Chilham and back. On the collection day Dominic had all the necessary paperwork in hand giving me enough of an insight into the vehicle's history, and the sale was smoothly completed. Steve then spent a considerable amount of time patiently and kindly showing both myself and my daughter how everything worked in the ‘camper' department, while we took notes. The final icing on the cake was the gift of a bottle of ‘bubbly' from Dominic

It is now nearly two weeks since my purchase of the motor home, and already I feel that the ‘van' and I are good friends. I cannot say how delighted I am with my purchase and it has received many positive accolades from friends, and it drives well which is the most important thing. I just wanted to say, thank you to you all for your good service and your kindness, I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends, nor come again should I need another purchase. And as for the ‘bubbly', it sits in the fridge waiting for our holiday in the Isle of Wight, when my daughter and I will drink your joint healths!"