Alan and Lesley were our first customers to collect a brand new Hillside campervan (fondly named 'Yeti'), sold by Charlotte only a day after these trendy campervans arrived on our pitch.

Having always owned large Auto-Trail motorhomes, Alan and Lesley were looking for a change in their motorhoming lifestyle that would allow them the flexibility to explore the towns they visit on their journey. With a first trip planned to Spain, the couple will take a direct route this time but hope to make good use of their compact camper by taking a longer, meandering trip to Spain next time with stopovers in France.

Alan introduced us to a concept we hadn't heard of before, 'France Passion,' which seems perfect for foodies and those who like to find some hidden gems off the beaten track. Here's some more info on how France Passion works and where to buy a guide.

We're strong believers that the journey is as important as the destination and Alan and Lesley are definitely making the most of the journey - what better way to travel than by staying at rural, gourmet vineyards on the way?!