We’re using this down time to do the jobs we don’t usually have time to do. One of these includes calling our entire database of customers. There are nearly 4000(!) of you so we need to make sure that everyone still wants to hear from us should we have an event we think you’d like to come along to. We’re likely to only get in touch once or twice a year so it’s good to have up to date contact details for you (and to help us find your ‘van details when you pop in or call up for advice).

Molly is working from home and her job during lock down is to call as many of you as she can during this time. Therefore, you might hear from her soon if you haven’t already.

Molly mentioned a few of you were thinking about our tortoises during lock down and if we could get to them – Paul and Jenny live close by so Betty and Wilma are well looked after and enjoying a peaceful few weeks!