"Apologies for the delay in posting this review we have been busy clocking up miles and memories in our new (to us) motorhome. We found Choose Leisure while doing an internet search for a monocoque style motorhome to replace our trusted tent of many many year and add a bit of luxury to our love of camping. Choose Leisure had one that looked promising but it was quite a distance to travel and did we want to buy our first motorhome from a dealer so far away?. After making our initial contact and talking with Jonathan we decided to to go back online and check out feedback on the company read some reviews etc which to be honest i am always rather sceptical about! all seemed good so we phoned jonathan again with a long list of questions which he patiently and knowledgeably answered saying if we liked the van and decided to buy then they would book us onto a local site to make sure all was ok before travelling home.So off we went thinking worst case scenario was a lovely break in Canterbury. What a lovely surprise it was to be met by such a friendly non-pushy professional team who allowed us all the time we wanted to pour over the van ourselves then were close at hand to answer our questions and talk sensibly about any alterations upgrades and minor repairs to make the van the one for us. We were again given space to discuss privately what was , in effect, a large purchase for us. All i can do at this point is echo the many genuine and well deserved praises heaped upon them in fore mentioned reviews which now from personal experience i fully understand and concur with. The whole team led by Dominic were to a person excellent in dealing with us from start to finish and were there at the end of the phone after purchace when i inevitably forgot something even after an informative and entertaining 3hr handover! Many thanks to all at Choose Leisure for giving us such a good experience to start our new journey with our lovely motorhome."