"I have just come to the end of my second year of ownership of the brilliantly outstanding Auto-Sleepers Nuevo EK, during this time I have been for very minor service problems three times (Dodgy switch, reverse camera, all component failures, never due to poor design or workmanship) On each and every occasion I have had the highest level of after sales service ever experienced, Charlie the service manager is a diamond, always fits me in during one of my frequent trips to Folkestone so as to not inconvenience me, as it's an Auto-Sleeper parts are obtained from the factory with the minimum of delay, so much better than trying to get parts from Valencia or Croatia etc and if, heaven forbid you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident your vehicle can be returned to and repaired at the Auto-Sleepers factory with the minimum of fuss. Would I buy Auto-Sleepers again?? Would I use Choose Leisure again?? You can be absolutely sure I would!!! You can keep your massive multiple dealers, jacks of all brands, masters of none. In my opinion a family run specialist company such as Choose Leisure jus can't be bettered. Thank you all."