"An overnight cold spell caught us out this weekend when we were stopping overnight in the east of the country prior to our departure by ferry from Dover. We forgot to initiate frost precautions on our Auto-Sleeper resulting in a burst pipe just under the bed. After the initial panic we set off that morning to the nearest motorhome centre that we could find more in hope than expectation for a repair. We found Choose Leisure just outside Canterbury at 9am that morning only an hour from our proposed sailing time and asked if they could assist in carrying out a repair for us. They were simply marvellous ! A hot mug of coffee was offered whilst their mechanic set to work straight away. Not only that but the service manager (whose name I am afraid I forgot) even tried to see if he could amend our departure time with the operator. Within 30 minutes the van was back in out hands and we were off to catch the 12 noon ferry. It is just so refreshing that in this age of complaints of poor service that one can report back on behalf of those who strive for, and succeed in giving, excellent customer service - thank you."