"What can we say?? superb!!! my wife and i had been looking for a Autocruise vista for many months with no joy. finally we found THE ONE. one problem..it was 300 miles away in Canterbury! damn! well, to cut a long story short, after some lengthy in depth telephone calls with wayne and Paul and some research into Choose Leisure, we decided to take the plunge!! oh, but it gets better! after striking a (VERY good)deal with Paul, we set about arranging the pick up..no need! they were to deliver it too! now, this is where i'll give Paul the most credit, he wouldn't commit to a delivery date due to the fact that he wouldn't deliver the vista till it was 100% spot on. this meant a few days wait because a part was required for the fridge..no probs!! cometh the day...'we should be there between 2 and 3'said Paul...2.30 and our fabulous motorhome arrived!! Paul and his good lady jenny drove up in one hit! a few brews and a chat and Paul did a great hand over, explaining the workings of everything and showing us all the gizmo's included in the sale...including a nice bottle of bubbly in the fridge!!! to say we're made up with our new pride and joy is an understatement. And the service we received from Choose Leisure was above and beyond what we expected. MASSIVE THANKS TO Paul, JENNY AND WAYNE!! WELL DONE !!