"Paul and his team at Choose Leisure did a fantastic job of selling are motorhome for us.we found Choose Leisure on the internet and sent them details of are pride and joy. Paul rang the next day and explained everything about brokerage.we were very nervous and unsure weather to go ahead and let Choose Leisure sell are motorhome has they were 180 miles away from were we live and complete strangers, but Paul offered us a great return on its sale. we took the plunge and drove down to Canterbury with the motorhome, Paul said he would come to are home and collect it but we wanted to see the premisses and meet the team. Paul said no problem i'll have the kettle on when you arrive. we were well impressed with the forecourt and felt sure that Choose Leisure would look after are motorhome. Paul gave us a lift home free of charge. we kept in touch on the phone and on the website. Paul rang with the great news that he had sold are motorhome and gave us a date when the new owners were to pick it up.on the hand over day Jenny Pauls wife transferred the money into are bank account. i would recommend Choose Leisure to anybody and brokerage is a great way to sell you get a better return and no hassle. thanks very much to the team at Choose Leisure."