"On the night of December 4 we suffered a catastrophic leisure battery failure so on the morning of the 5th rang around various companies, Choose Leisure was on the list and lo and behold a pleasant competent person spoke to me and filled with reassurance, we traveled from the Cambridge area to Choose Leisure and spoke to the gentleman whom I assume is the service manager we discussed battery options, this decide an engineer was dispatched to fit said battery we sent to show room for coffee, which we never got ( too busy talking to Tortoise and looking round campers) half an hour later we had payed our bill and heading towards Reims and Strasbourg. A huge heart felt thank for not just your service but the calmness of your staff which did help the racing pulse. What else can I say, good clean facility friendly knowledgeable helpful staff. Thank you all and my wife and I wish you a brilliant Christmas and New Year"