"It's when things do not go quite as smoothly as they could that you discover how good a company's customer care is. We bought a 10 year old Burstner from Choose Leisure a few months back. Everyone we met at the time of purchase was friendly and helpful. An air-con fault quickly became apparent. No problem we were told, have it regassed local to home to save a 2hour journey to Kent at Choose Leisure's expense. This was done but sadly the problem persisted. It took a few visits to CL before the fault was cured. On each visit we were treated as if we are their best customer. Special thanks to Charlie for his persistence in solving the fault and to all staff at CL, including those who have ferried us to and from Canterbury train station. I know the advice is buy close to home but I am really glad we ignored that for the quality of service received at Choose Leisure. The tortoise are pretty cool too!"