Do you pass the big Carthago A-classes on the road and dream of travelling in that luxury ? Is the only thing holding you back, the worry that they are too big or that you don’t hold a C1 licence?

Our handover team, Mark and Dawn have just reviewed one of Carthago’s more compact models, offering the same luxury but in a more manageable package, weighing in at 3.5 tons so no C1 licence required!

This full-length video shows you an in-depth demonstration of the c-tourer T 145 RB LE with all its features and benefits explained by your favourite YouTube team.

We think you’ll be amazed by the abundance of storage; there’s no need to travel light in this vehicle! You can sleep and travel four in absolute comfort.

The exterior of the van is sleek and looks luxurious. The interior is stunning and exudes a hotel-like aesthetic; even camping in the wild would feel like a luxury stay!

Being a Carthago, all guaranteed qualities are in place like smart line furniture design, high-quality fittings, intelligent storage space, double floor, an extra-large scooter garage –the list is endless!

 To find out more, check out Mark & Dawn's latest YouTube video on this model:

Carthago c-tourer T 145 RB LE Review 

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